Create External Report from SAP Analytics Cloud

This article details how to create an External Report from SAP Analytics Cloud.


Established connectivity to SAP Analytics Cloud

1. Create External Report

Access New > External Report > SAP Analytics Cloud

  1. Give a descriptive Name to the External Report
  2. Specify Category where External Report will be placed
  3. Define whether content has to be updated manually or automatically.  
    • For "Automatically Collected", specify Report Image Trigger 
  4. Choose Plugin Connection Profile 
  5. Select the SAP Analytics Cloud Story to serve as a source for External Report
  6. [Next: Define Details]

2. Specify Report Details

  1. Show Report in defaults to "External Webpage"
    • For "Viewer", select "In iframe" or "As static image" option
    • NOTE: When opting to display a Report as a Static Image, make sure to Collect Image before going to Viewer.
  2. Optionally, configure filtering via [Manage Filters]
  3. Optionally, [Edit URL] to modify the URL by appending a question mark (?) followed by any filter or parameter settings
  4. Optionally, [Test External Report] to test how your Report will be displayed on External Webpage or in Viewer, depending on the display option selected in the previous step
  5. Select Report Image option:
    • "Always collect all instances of external report": collect all images and cache them on a schedule
    • "On Demand: only when needed for distribution":  individual images are only collected when they need to be included in an email

3. Collect Image and Publish

SAP Analytics Cloud Plugin collects images by taking screenshots of them in the Chromium browser.

  1. [Collect Image]
  2. [Enable & Publish] to proceed to the Report Viewer