Establish Connectivity to Atlassian Confluence

This article describes how to connect to Atlassian Confluence in order to load data into Datasets and Reports in Metric Insights.

Plugin –°apabilities:

  1. This plugin scans all existing articles in Confluence and extracts those, which have at least one table included
  2. Data from Confluence tables is used as a source for Datasets or Reports


Create API token

Create API Token

  1. Access
  2. [Create API Token]
  3. Enter a desciptive Label for API Token
  4. [Create]

Copy and save the created API Token's value for Data Source configuration.

1. Create New Data Source

Access Admin > Collection & Storage > Data Sources

  1. [+ New Data Source]
  2. Choose "Atlassian Confluence" from the Other drop-down list
  3. [Next Step]

2. Provide Required Adaptive Planning Parameters

  1. Enter an API Token
  2. Server: provide the Atlassian domain in the https://<companyname> format
  3. Provide admin Username to pull data from Confluence

Optionally, Enable On-Demand Element Creation.

3. Proceed With Advanced Configuration

Advanced Configuration settings can be set to default values unless  Data Source requires more precise tuning. For more details on how to  proceed, refer to Advanced Data Source Configuration.

Click [Test Connection] in the upper right corner.

4. Other Settings

  1. You can create Datasets and view all the elements or Datasets using this Data Source from the respective tabs
  2. Click Permissions to assign them to Groups or Power Users