Create External Report from ServiceNow

This article details how to build an External Report in Metric Insights that is linked to a Report on the ServiceNow server. 


1. Access New > External Report > ServiceNow

  1. Give a descriptive Name to the External Report
  2. Specify Category where External Report will be placed
  3. Define whether content has to be updated manually or automatically
    • For "Automatically Collected", specify Report Image Trigger 
  4. Choose Plugin Connection Profile 
  5. Select Report (Object) that will be used for External Report
  6. [Next: Define Details]

2. Configuration Tab: Specify Display Settings

  1. Show Report in defaults to "External Webpage".
    • For "Viewer", select "In iframe" or "As static image" option

3. Configure Image Display

  1. [Save and Collect Image]

[Enable & Publish] in the upper right corner to view External Report in viewer