Establish connectivity to Salesforce SOQL

This article describes how to connect to Salesforce using Salesforce SOQL plugin in order to load data into Datasets and Reports in Metric Insights.


General instructions on setting up data sources based on plugins can be found in Create a New Plugin Data Source.

1. Access Admin > Data Sources

[+ New Data Source].

The Select the Type of New Data Source pop-up opens.

2. Select the Type of New Data Source

  1. Select "Other" and choose "Salesforce SOQL" from the drop-down list

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3. Configure the Plugin Parameters

  1. Data Source Name is defaulted but you may modify it
  2. [Save] your settings before getting the Token
  3. [Get Token]: you will be prompted to authenticate yourself by logging into your Salesforce account

4. Advanced Configuration (optional)

Having obtained the Token, you can configure Advanced Settings:

  1. Optionally, state the maximum number of concurrent Threads to utilize during data and/or image fetch to be used in background processing when the system updates Reports for this Data Source
    • If you do not specify any value for this setting, batch data collection processing will be single-threaded

5. Other Settings

  1. You can create Datasets or Elements directly from the respective tabs
  2. Click Permissions to assign permissions to the Data Source to Groups or Power Users