Prerequisites for Connecting to Sigma

This article detail on how to create a new API token in order to establish connectivity to Sigma.


  • You must be an organization Admin to create a Sigma API token.
  • Once the connectivity is established, the MI user will only┬áhave access to Workbooks that are associated with the Token Owner's account.
  • The Token Owner must have permissions to export workbooks, workbook pages, or workbook elements.

1. Add New Token

Access Sigma Home

  1. Access Administration
  2. Access APIs & Embed Secrets
  3. [Create New]

2. Define Token Details

  1. API Token is selected by default
  2. Provide a descriptive Name
  3. Define Owner to be associated with the Token
  4. [Create]
    • This will open the API Key Secret window
  5. Copy and save both values to be used in Metric Insights for the corresponding fields