Establish a JDBC Connection

PREREQUISITE: Set up a connection to your data sources.  

Video Tutorial

1. Create New Data Source

Access Admin > Collection & Storage > Data Sources

  1. [+ New Data Source]
  2. Select SQL as a type of new data source
  3. [Next Step]

2. Describe the Connection

  1. Provide a descriptive Name for the connection
  2. Type in Username and Password providing access to the database
  3. Enter the Host Name
  4. Supply the Database name
  5. Select a JDBC Driver. The Port number as well as JDBS string are set by default, based on your choice of JDBC Driver. Change it if necessary.
    • NOTE: If you do not see the the driver that you wish to use in the drop-down provided, contact Metric Insights for assistance.
  6. [Save]

NOTE: The JDBC string will be created automatically based on your other inputs. In some cases, however, it will not be possible to infer the correct string without additional inputs. If the Connection Test fails, please check the documentation for your JDBC driver.

IMPORTANT: For Microsoft SQL Data Sources with invalid certificates, it is required to upend “;trustServerCertificate=true” to the JDBC connection string to establish connectivity.

3. Validate the Created Connection in Data Source Editor

Alternatively, Data Source connection can be also validated from the Data Sources list as shown on the screen below