Create Dataset from Graphite

The article describes how to define the basic settings for Dataset sourced from Graphite.


1. Create New Dataset

Access New > Datasets > Create New

Enter the basics:

  1. Select the measurement interval that applies to the level of aggregation that you want in your result set
  2. Define if Dataset should be searchable
  3. Input a descriptive phrase in Name
  4. Specify Category to place the Dataset 

Proceed to Data tab to define details

2. Define Data Collection Details

  1. Select the Graphite Data Source
  2. Specify Data collection trigger to be used to collect data for Dataset
  3. Select the Graphite Report to serve as a basis for Dataset
  4. Important: Enter a space ( ) in Plugin command to be able to retrieve data
  5. [Validate]
    • If validation is successful, the Validation Rows Preview section pops up at the bottom of the screen. You can also open it by clicking Show validation rows under the Plugin command box.
  6. [Enable & View] to proceed to Dataset Viewer

[6.3.1] Datasets can be moved between the available Data Storage locations. The screen below shows Tableau, but the functionality is essentially the same for all Plugins.

Click the Edit icon next to the Data Storage on Data tab and follow the prompts to complete the operation.