Using the Compact mode for External Reports

In Release 6.3.1, a new Compact mode setting was added to External Report Type Editor to create a more streamlined External Report. Once set, all existing reports using this Report Type will display in Compact Mode.

1. Setting up Compact mode (External Report Type)

Admin > Plugins > External Report Types > {a report type} : The example below is for Report Type = Tableau.

Report Type Editor - Google Chrome

1.1. Set Report Type: Compact Mode to Yes

Report Type Editor - Google Chrome

Scroll down, find Compact Mode, and set to "Yes"


2. Example of Before and After Compact Mode Activated

Stg 6.3.0 - Google Chrome


  1. Report Name removed
  2. Report Description removed
  3. Titles for Filters are displayed on the Filter Drop-downs rather than above them
  4. Icons for Metric Insight functions/options moved down to Filter line
  5. Add Expert Analysis, Full Screen, and Open external report line removed from bottom of screen and now display as icons in upper right