Establish Connectivity to S/FTP Server

This article describes how to use the S/FTP in order to create a connection profile with Metric Insights.

General instructions on setting up data sources based on plugins can be found in Create a New Plugin Data Source.

1. Access Admin > Collection & Storage > Data Sources

The list page containing all data sources available in the system opens.

Below the grid, click [+ New Data Source].

2. Select Data Source Type

  1. Select Other
  2. Choose S/FTP from the drop-down list
  3. [Next Step]

3. Provide Required Parameters

  1. Auth Type: Select the authentication type
    • For "Password", use the S/FTP account credentials
    • For "Identity Profile", select the existing Identity Profile in the Identity Profile field
  2. Server: Provide a link to the S/FTP server and port (22 for SFTP, 21 for FTP)
  3. Path: Optionally, provide path to the exact files/folders on the server.
    • If this field is left empty, all files and folders from the server will be accessed
  4. Username / Password : Provide credentials used for authentication on the server
  5. [Test Connection] and [Save]

4. Provide Optional Parameters

  1. CSV Delimiter: confirm that the delimiter character is the same as in your CSV file. "," is the default value
  2. Files filter:  collect only files that match the defined filters.
    • "*" can be used as a wildcard
  3. Includes headers: choose whether to add default column headers to the CSV.
    • Accepts "true"/"false"
    • "True" is the default value
  4. Certificate / Passphrase: provide certificate file and passphrase, in case the server requires certificate-based authentication

5. Provide Advanced Settings

  1. Generate Object List: This setting influences options available in the S/FTP Objects tab:          
    • automatically: select an Object List Refresh Trigger and all objects are going to be fetched by the system                              
    • manually: objects can be added in the S/FTP Objects tab

6. View Objects

  1. You can view all the elements or Datasets using this Data Source from the respective tabs
  2. Click [Permissions] to assign them to Groups or Power Users