Create External Content with Microsoft SharePoint

This article details how to create External Content to be linked to files from MS SharePoint.

Established connectivity to MS SharePoint

1. Add New Other External Content Element

Access New > External Content

  1. Give a descriptive Name to the External Content
  2. Choose "Microsoft SharePoint" as External Content Type
  3. Choose Category for the element
  4. Select "Generate Automatically" and configure the following additional steps as required
    • Expire Cashed Files on controls how long files are stored in cache after bursting. Cache clearing guarantees that users will receive the most recent files in Bursts. For details, refer to this article
    • External Content URL will be filled automatically
  5. [Next: Define Details]

2. Define Image Collection Details

  1. Show in defaults to "External Webpage" for viewing content in a browser
    • "Viewer": Select "External web page" to display as a web page in the MI UI or "Uploaded image" to display the content image in the MI UI
  2. Specify if you want to include SharePoint files as attachments to emails
    • The default value for this setting can be controlled by the ATTACH_EXTERNAL_CONTENT_FILES_DEFAULT System Variable
  3. [View] the External Content Element that will be displayed according to the settings specified at Step 1
    • Next, you may be asked to sign in to the Microsoft account.