Create an External Report with the HTTP Plugin

This article describes how to create an External Report via the HTTP plugin.


Establish Connectivity to Files via HTTP plugin

1. Create an External Report

Go to +New... > External Report > previously created Get Files via HTTP Data Source.

  1. Select a Category to the External Report  is associated
  2. Select a Folder where the External Report will be placed
  3. Select either the system should collect the Report content (image) automatically or the administrator will upload it manually.
    • After choosing "Automatically Collected" option, set the Report Image Trigger, that defines how often the data is collected, choose Plugin Connection Profile and the Report from which the data is collectd
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2. Configuration Settings

  1. Select either to Show Report in the Viewer or on an External Webpage (on its source site).
    • In case of "Viewer" the Report can be shown in the iframe or as a static image
  2. Choose a valid Get Files via HTTP Plugin Connection Profile
  3. Pick an object to show as a Report
  4. Select whether to show the Report in the same way for everyone or to apply filters based on an associated User Map

3. Customize the Advanced Settings

Set the additional options in the Advanced tab. For more information, refer to Additional Display Options on Advanced tab.