Create a Dataset with the HTTP Plugin

This article describes how to create a Dataset populated via HTTP.

The HTTP plugin supports Datasets creation from .CSV and .JSON file types.


Establish Connectivity to Files via HTTP Plugin.

1. Create a Dataset

Access + New > Dataset > Create New

  1. Choose how often the system will collect data
  2. Select "enabled" after finishing Dataset customization  
  3. Specify the Category in which the Dataset is placed
  4. To ensure that the Dataset is valid and accurate, select "yes"

To get more information about Business/Technical Owner's and Data Steward's rights, refer to Grant Power Users Element Edit Access via Element Ownership article.  

2. Customize Data Collection Parameters

  1. Choose a Data Storage where the Dataset will be stored
  2. Select the previously created Data Source of the Dataset
  3. Pick a Data collection trigger that defines at what time and how often the system will collect data
  4. Choose a Report to be shown.
    • Must be a JSON or CSV file only
  5. Enter a Plugin command listing all the data that needs to be fetched. For more information, refer to the MIQL Syntax Guide for Plugins
  6. [Validate]

3. See the Dataset in the Viewer

To refine data further, [+ Rule] to apply additional rules or [+ Group] to group data

4. What's next?