Create an External Report from Splunk

This article describes how to collect images and create an External Report using the Splunk plugin.


1. Access New > External Report > Splunk Reports

  1. Category: specify the Category where your External Report will be placed
  2. Define whether you want the Report content to be updated manually or automatically.  If you select Automatic Collection, define the following settings:
    • Specify the Report Image Trigger from the drop-down list
    • Choose the Plugin Connection Profile you  created for Splunk
    • Search: Select a report
  3. [Next: Define Details]

2. Configure the Report

Splunk Plugin collects images by communicating with the tool via API.

  1. Show Report in: select whether to show the External Report in Metric Insights Viewer or in the External Webpage defined in the External report URL setting
  2. Select [Save and Collect Image] to create the preview and thumbnail images
  1. Once the preview and thumbnail images have been collected, select [Enable & Publish] to save your progress

3. View the External Report

  1. In the External Report Editor, select [View]
  1. Based on your display settings, the Report will be shown either in Splunk (External Webpage) or in the Metric Insights Viewer