Create a New Plugin Data Source

Data that is not fetched using a JDBC driver is collected using a Plugin. Plugins are special components, built by Metric Insights, that send a native fetch command to a data source.  It then formats the results in a way that allows Metric Insights to consume the data.   A list of supported Plug-ins can be found here.   It is also possible to access data from a custom Web Service by using a Web Service Plugin.

This article describes the general process for creating a Plugin data source.

Information about how to create a new SQL data source is available here.

For a description of Metric Insights overall approach to Data Sources, click here.

Video Tutorial [Tableau Example]

1. Access Admin > Data Sources

Access Admin > Data Sources

At the bottom of the page click [+New Data Source]

Changes in 6.2.2 for Data Source list:

  • Filters added for Type and Created by
  • Columns added for Certified? and Created by

2. Choose type

Choose type
  1. Click Other and select a required data service from the drop-down list of configured Plugins. If you do not find the one you need, contact your system Administrator or [email protected].
  2. Click Next step

3. Complete required and optional settings

Complete required and optional settings
  1. Define required plug-in parameters: name and credentials you use to connect to a given data source.
  2. When the supported plugin is configured, the required Plugin Connection Profile Parameters are defined and are defaulted into the Parameters grid once you select the plugin setting
  3. Any of these parameters may be edited
  4. If you select 'yes' to Use Remote Data Collector?, you will be required to select a collector or create a new one at the bottom of the page.   For more information, reference Define a Remote Data Collector

3.1. Editing Optional Parameters

Editing Optional Parameters
  1. Use the Edit (Gear) icon to enter/modify the parameter
  2. Change the parameter to be passed to the Data Source


Repeat this process as necessary to update any/all parameters.

Save again before leaving the Editor so that your Data Source will be ready for use for defining an element (Report / Metric / Multi-metric / Dataset).