Microsoft SSRS Plugin Capabilities

This article provides more details about the key capabilities of Microsoft SSRS Plugin.

Get Objects

Microsoft SSRS Plugin supports pulling the following object types:

  • Reports
  • Linked Reports
  • Sub-Reports

Get Data

By getting data in Metric Insights we mean the ability to create Datasets. Microsoft SSRS Plugin supports creating Datasets from:

  • Reports
  • Linked Reports
  • Sub-Reports (if enabled)

Get Filters

Microsoft SSRS Plugin supports pulling Filters from all object types to Metric Insights. Filters and Values can be added only individually. Users can apply Filters to External Reports and customize their display depending on input. 

Get Report Image

Microsoft SSRS Plugin supports getting images for:

  • Reports
  • Linked Reports

Embed in iFrame

Microsoft SSRS External Report can be embedded into the application (Show "In iFrame") or other HTML pages by using embed codes.

Support OAuth 2.0

Microsoft SSRS Plugin does not support OAuth 2.0.

Support Content Autosync

Microsoft SSRS Plugin does not support content auto sync.

Capture Metadata

Metric Insights captures metadata for Microsoft SSRS Plugin, but does not reflect it in the application's UI. Reflecting additional metadata in the UI is available by request.