Establish Connectivity to Files via HTTP Plugin

This article describes how to use the "Get Files via HTTP" plugin in order to create a connection profile with Metric Insights.

This plugin allows to access only one single object at a time and supports all file formats.

General instructions on defining data sources based on plugins can be found in Create a New Plugin Data Source.

1. Create a New Data Source

Access Admin > Collection & Storage > Data Sources.

  1. [+ New Data Source]
  2. Select Other and "Get Files via HTTP"
  3. [Next Step]

2. Customize Settings

  1. Choose Auth Type.  Selected authentication type requires completion of additional fields; e.g., choosing "Password"  needs Username and Plugin Password
  2. Enter a URL for the source of data
  3. Select either to Enable On-Demand Element Creation or not. For more details, refer to On-Demand Element Creation article

3. Customize Optional Parameters

Variable Description
Files filter Allows to filter obtained files by their names. To retrieve all files of the same format, enter *.<file format>. E.g., to fetch all PNG files, enter *.png to the field
Grant type Can contain data necessary for the OAuth
Scope Can contain data necessary for the OAuth
Service Obsolete parameter that is not used in the system

4. Customize the Advanced Data Source Configuration

To obtain instructions on how to customize the configuration, refer to Advanced Data Source Configuration.

5. What's Next?