How to collect data using Salesforce Reports

This article will show you how to create a Metric or Report using a Salesforce report as a data source. It assumes that you have already established connectivity to your Salesforce server.

1. Access New > Report

  1. Define the Basics for your Report
  2. To move on to defining data collection details, click Next: Define Details

2. Full Editor displays the Data Collection tab

  1. Data Source: select the connection profile you have created for the Salesforce Reports plugin
  2. Data collection trigger: specify the Trigger that will be used to collect data for your Report
  3. Salesforce Report:  select a Salesforce Report that should serve as a basis of a new internal Report
  4. Input an MIQL Plugin Command listing all the data you would like to fetch from Salesforce 
    • Alternatively, use the Visual Editor
  5. Once you are ready with you command, click Show Data

3. Plugin command will be validated and Data Collected on Save

  1. If the command is validated successfully, the  Report columns and Data Preview are going to be shown below
  2. At the upper right corner of the screen click Enable & publish