Create an External Report from ThoughtSpot

This article explains how to build an External Report in Metric Insights with data from ThoughtSpot.


There is an  established connectivity to ThoughtSpot.

1. Access New > External Report > ThoughtSpot

  1. Give your report a descriptive name
  2. Place your Report in a relevant Category
  3. Define whether you want Report content to be updated manually or automatically
    • For automated collection, choose the Report Image Trigger from the drop-down list
  4. Select a Plugin Connection Profile created for ThoughtSpot
  5. Select an individual report  or an entire pinboard (ThoughtSpot Object) from the corresponding Connection Profile
  6. [Next: define details] to proceed with Report creation

2. Configuration Tab: Specify Report Details

  1. Change from default External Webpage if you want your Report to be displayed in Viewer
    • You can choose between the iframe and static image options
    • If you select iframe, you can specify the Viewer Image Size
  2. Optionally, test how your External Report will be displayed on External Webpage or in Viewer, depending on the display option selected in #1
  3. [Save and Collect Image] to generate a Homepage Preview image

NOTE:  When opting to display your Report as a Static Image, make sure you Collect Image before going to Viewer

Click [Enable & Publish]  

ThoughtSpot Plugin collects images by taking screenshots of them in the Chromium browser.

3. Review Report in Viewer