How to collect data using Microstrategy plugin

This article demonstrates how to create a Report using MicroStrategy as a data source. It assumes that you have already established connectivity to Microstrategy via the plugin.

1. Access New > Report

Access New > Report
  1. Name the Report: Define a unique descriptive name of your element
  2. Reported: choose the measurement interval from the drop-down list
  3. Category: define a category this element belongs to
  4. To move on to defining data collection details, click Next: Define Report

2. Define settings for Data Collection

Define settings for Data Collection
  1. Data Source: select the connection profile you have created for Treasure Data
  2. Data Collection Schedule: Specify the trigger that will be used to collect the data for your report
  3. Report: Click Select Report to open the pop-up with the list of objects available from the Microstrategy site.
  4. If you do not see the required item, try refreshing the list by clicking the Refresh icon at the upper right corner of the pop-up.

3. Create a Query (via the Visual Editor or a Command)

3.1. Example using the Visual Editor

Example using the Visual Editor

To open the Microstrategy Query Builder, click Select / Modify Columns.

  1. Select Fields and set Expressions
  2. You can pre-filter the information before fetching it into Metric Insights or add 'ascending' and 'descending' Sorting to the field values, open the Advanced tab.

Save your settings. If the Query is validated successfully, Report data is shown in the drawer below.

3.2. Example using a Command

  1. Query: Construct a command listing all the columns with data that should be included into the Report (manually or via the visual editor)
  2. Once you are ready with the query, click Show Data.

If your plugin command is valid, the command box is green and the Preview of the Report data is shown in the drawer below; if there are any errors, the box is colored in red and errors are explained below the statement box.

4. Enable and Publish

5. [Otional] Creating a Chart from the Report's result set

[Otional] Creating a Chart from the Report's result set

You may add a Chart based on the Report result set.

To do that, go to Report Editor > Report Content tab > [ + Chart].

For more details, refer to: Develop Report Chart based on the Result Set (without a Pivot)

6. Result