How to omit Filters from External Reports

In many cases, your BI Workbooks and Dashboards will already display Filters that were setup in the BI tool. Since our External Reports default to include Metric Insight Filters, this creates confusing duplicate Filter display.

This article will show how to set a global default to omit these duplicate Filters (i.e. default the "Display in External Report" to "N") when creating new Reports.  This option can always be changed for individual Reports manually.

Individual Users can still create their own individual Bookmarks if any Filters are set but not displayed. For more information, see Setting Personal Bookmarks (External Reports.)

Example of duplicate filters in Viewer

External Report: bk new ext rpt - Google Chrome
External Report Editor - Google Chrome

Reset the Config Variable (Admin > System > System Config)

System Config - Google Chrome
  1. Enter 'filters' in Search criteria
  2. Edit the Variable via edit icon
  3. Change Assigned Value to "N"
  4. Commit Changes

This setting will apply to all New External Report defaults, but will not affect existing Reports

Create a new External Report with default set = "N"

External Report: New External Report with Filters = N - Google Chrome
External Report Editor - Google Chrome