Content Auto Synchronization

Note content autosync is currently only possible with Tableau. Support for other tools will be added in upcoming releases.

As of Version 6.2, Metric Insights includes the ability to Auto Synchronize content with BI tools. This functionality automates creation of External Reports from the BI tool objects and simplifies the process of updating existing External Reports.

This article describes how to:


Enable Auto Synchronization

1. [Admin] > [Collection & Storage] > [Data Source]

In Data Sources, select a Plugin to access its editor.

2. Assign Category and External Report Template

To create External Reports from the BI tool system:

  1. Choose "Enable Content Synchronization" to display the next two buttons
  2. Select the Category where External Reports are synced
  3. Select an "External Report Template"


3. Synchronize Content

In [Plugin Data Source] Objects tab:

  • [Sync Content] synchronizes data from the BI tool and creates External Reports placing them into the selected Category.
  • If content is updated on the BI tool, select [Refresh List] to update the above grid and then [Sync Content] to create new External Reports and/or update existing External Reports.

Each new automatically created External Report is named after the object of its origin.

View Synced External Reports

Once synchronization completes:

  1. The popup displays the number of generated External Reports
  2. Synced External Reports are available in their assigned Category: Go to [Content] > [Categories]

Delete Synced External Reports

To delete synced External Reports:

  1. In [Content] > [Elements], choose the desired Category
  2. Select External Reports to be deleted
  3. [Selected Elements]